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The mywirecard MasterCard

The mywirecard MasterCard as a virtual or plastic card: You decide!
Use the mywirecard MasterCard to pay on a prepaid credit basis on the Internet everywhere where MasterCard is accepted. At merchants, download providers, travel portals, and millions of other retailers worldwide. It's really easy with your MasterCard card data. And there's no annual fee. Upon request, you will also receive a plastic card.

Register online, load a credit amount onto the mywirecard MasterCard, and simply use the card data to pay.
The mywirecard MasterCard works on a prepaid credit basis. That means that you have free access to your card's credit balance and have complete control over costs.
You don't have to wait for a plastic card. You receive your MasterCard card data online immediately. And upon request, we will be happy to send you a plastic card for the account.

Thank you for your interest!

We will let you know as soon as the virtual mycard2go is available.

Visit mycard2go website


mywirecard is becoming mycard2go

Discover the prepaid Visa card which allows you to make payments conveniently anywhere in the world.

As mywirecard MasterCard will soon become mycard2go, it is no longer possible to order a mywirecard MasterCard.

The virtual mycard2go – available soon

mycard2go will be available to you as a virtual Visa card soon. Would you like us to remind you of this date? If so, please enter your email address below.


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The plastic card – available now

Can’t wait? You can also purchase the new mycard2go directly in store, including at petrol stations or corner shops, and top up your account to start making purchases.


Visit mycard2go website